Tzung Hsin Technology Co., Ltd.--Balancing machines, computerized balancing machines etc.

Established in 1980, Tzung Hsin Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly know as Wu Tsung Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd.) is a company dedicated to development and production of conventional and computerized balancing machines.

The company claims that its specially designed machines can fully meet customers' critical requirements for mass production, reduction in production costs, high efficiency, high reliability, and extended operating life.

With strong research and development capability, Tzung Yuan has developed a wide range of balancing machines for various lines, including car-axle-assembly balancing; micro-computerized vertical balancing; standard microcomputer controlled vertical balancing, automobile drive-shaft balancing, micro-control balancer, digital micro-computerized dynamic balancing, digitalized dynamic balancing, and so on. The company's machines are widely employed by makers of cutters, motors (especially for home appliances), automotive brake disks, pumps, flywheels and fans etc.