H-9000 9 Tons Balancing Machine

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:H9000

For the balance and correction of rotary components and Assemblies for Axis, Glidewheel, Motor, Generators, Exhaust fans,Eengines, Agricultural Machinery,Textile Machinery, Food processing machinery, Automobiles,
Motorcycle, Paper machine roller and Squeezer roller.

1. Man-machine interface touch operation.
2. PLC control system
3. Human/machine interface for easy balance-weight testing, balance weight unit will besst as “gram”
after testing.
4. Monitor displance all sorts of setting and digitizedimbal ance angles, weight,rotation speeds,and
synchronous vector ray charts.
5. Historical data can be done using USB storage function.
6. Work piece balance value can be preset w/to enable indicate of finished-item standard qualification/ disqualifi cation.

Touch Balancing Machine 9 tons